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Haruomi Hosono

Gender: Male
Country: Japan
Mr. Hosono started his musical activity with Apryl Fool, a legendary psychedelic rock band, in 1969. Since then, he has played a critical role in Japanese music history moving to Happy End, Tin Pan Alley, Y.M.O. He also established \EN label (with Mr. Takahashi) and Non Standard, and he is eager to discover new artistic talents. F.O.E. is a project like unit centered by Hosono after Y.M.O. disbanded. In addition to the regular members, James Brown, Miharu Koshi and Makoto Kubota and Sandii participated. This is an interesting mix of funky sound, Y.M.O. sound and Electro Dance sound. Under the name of F.O.E., you can listen to a rare Rap by Hosono in the song "Come Back" (included in the album "Heavy") which he played together with President BPM, Haruo Chikada. He is not just a Lawson's middle-aged guy. Around Monado, he is more Ambient. He is also active as Harry & Mac and Tin Pan reviving 70s.
In Groups: Apryl Fool, Caramel Mama, Crap Heads, Friends Of Earth, Happy End, Harry & Mac, HASYMO, Human Audio Sponge, Kalabisa, Peace & Trance, Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang, Miharuomi, N.M.L. No More Landmine, Pre YMO, Sketch Show, Swing Slow, Tin Pan, Tin Pan Alley, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Yen Artists, You An' Me Orgasmus Orchestra,