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Artist: Totentanz

Year: 1987
Country: France
Catalog No: Underground Productions, SUB 12
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Life Is Getting Harder  
A2 Abou Amar  
A3 The Leather Nun  
A4 Your Wedding  
A5 Waiting (Live)  
A6 Silent Walk  
A7 Mundo Obrero  
A8 Keep Out!  
A9 Japanese Cars  
A10 666  
A11 NTC (Live)  
B1 Men Are Dogs  
B2 Oh You Skinhead...  
B3 Zwei  
B4 Le Huitième Jour  
B5 Night Of The Reaming Dead  
B6 Warum?  
B7 National Party  
B8 Anal Love  
B9 The Swindle (Live)  
  • Bass, Synthesizer – Roland Sapin
  • Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer – Christophe Petchanatz
  • Lead Vocals – Eric Chabert
Recorded at home between March & July 1987, except A5 (The Sinagogue, Villeurbanne), A11 (Insa, Villeurbanne), B5 & B8 (not specified)
and B9 (Galerie Arcade, Carcassonne).
Thanks to N. Hadidi, F. Lefebvre, Y. Marin, P. Quinonero, C. Seyve, L. Signerin, Cripure, OTD, OAV, Les Mauvais Garçons...