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The Ambient Wax Ritual

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Mechanical Orchestration Music, M.O.M. 7
Format: Tape
A1 Big City Orchestra– Guiding Star
A2 A Thunder Orchestra– Theme 1
A3 A Thunder Orchestra– Theme 2
A4 Vidna Obmana– Earthscape
B1 Vidna Obmana– From His Eternal Voice
B2 PBK– Die Brücke
B3 PBK– (Meta)Tran C
B4 PBK– Preparation
B5 Ice Crystal Sun Dog Formation– Gathering Of The Gods
  • Compiled By – Dirk Serries
Pre-The Decade Collection. Track B2 taken from the tape "Die Brücke", track B4 from the tape "Asesino". Dedicated to the ambient music of Brian Eno.