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Loud As Madness

Artist: EFF

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: EFF 09 / Tape 23
Format: Tape
A1 Sweet Stuff (Phase 2)  
A2 Danse Macabre  
A3 He Is Not Dead  
A4 Very Strange  
A5 Home  
A6 Amazed  
A7 Bela's Boogie  
A8 Backroom (1)  
A9 Pines For Rome  
A10 New  
A11 Abusing Jo  
B1 Cafe Zunk  
B2 Scratched Stuff  
B3 Indian Breakdance  
B4 Did Electric Blue?  
B5 Another Backroom  
B6 Delhi Contestant  
B7 Witch Upon A Star  
B8 15 Seconds With Mona  
B9 Lorre's Laughing  
B10 Skin CLub  
B11 As Dreamers Do  
B12 Rewound Up Inside