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The Brion Gysin Show

Artist: Brion Gysin

Year: 1975
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Edition S Press, TONBAND No. 32
Format: Tape
A The Brion Gysin Show - "Where Is That Word?" 32:15
"The Permutated Poems of Brion Gysin" (as put through a computer by Ian Sommerville) have made several appearances. "Pistol Poem" was used as the letimotiv of all performances by "Le Domaine Poetique" in Paris from 1960 on. It was originally recorded by the BBC sound effect studio and broadcast by the BBC as part of a program entitled "The Permutated Poems of Brion Gysin" produced by Douglas Cleverdon. This program also included "I Am That I Am" (Divine Tautology), Junk Is No Good Baby" and "Kick That Habit Man". The Permutated Poems were first published on record in OU (ed. Henri Chopin).
For this tape production they have been combined by Brion Gysin with additional materials in order to make up a coherent sound track and a consistent demonstration of Gysin's poetic investigation.
Reel 13 cm mono /one track, 9.5
Compact cassette mono /one track