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Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1972
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

Curtain-Raiser (1972) 40pp

Michael Haslam: Surrealism: an essay

Mark Hyatt: (poems) Reatity / The Mark of Sleepy Laughter / To a Woman

Peter Riley: Two quotations, possibly unhelpful, but in memory of Mark Hyatt for all that

John Riley: (prose) Down by the Riverside I & II

Michael Haslam: (prose/poem) The origins of the impulse

Jeremy Hilton: (poems) White Rabbit / navigation / letter to Catherine

Rosmarie Waldrop: (poem) Nothing has changed (19-35)

Keith Waldrop: (poem) An excellent guide

Peter Riley: (one liners) Sixteen Feathers

Paul Matthews: (prose/poem) from Joel

Jeff Nuttall: (poem) The moles

Sid Chambers: drawings

Alexis Lykiard: (poems) The inner sense of gravity / Sunflower / Doubletake / Freeze / 3 Rinds / Velleity

Glenda George: (poems) the old school corridor / a little girl

Larry Eigner: (review) California Poems (James Koller)

Paul Matthews: (review) February (Paul Evans)