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A Range of Curtains

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1973
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

A Range of Curtains (1973) 180pp

Cid Corman: 3 poems

Larry Eigner: (review) walls up in the storm, windows (Cid Corman)

Larry Eigner: What is / if the light / this is / gliding a moment / the force of the wind /it’s a Cadillac / a paper a paper / down through the air / Listen the waves / grief dry the council

Peter Riley: (review) Modern Poetry in Translation 16

Peter Riley: (review) Circus Nerves & Motor Disturbance (Kenward Elmslie)

Kris Hemensley: (review) Book of the Earth & Sky Book I & II (Richard Grossinger)

Jeff Nuttall: (review) Guttersnipe (Tom Pickard)

Hans Dieter Schäfer: (poem) Photograph of a Dead Soldier

Edmond Jabès: from The Book of the Absent

Maurice Blanchot: (essay) For Edmond Jabès

Jean Tortel: Two poems

Marcelin Pleynet: A Shifting of Muscular Sense

Claude Royet-Journoud: (poems) Into this act / Neuter

Paul Buck: (text) six nights but rather that

Rosmarie Waldrop: (poem) from The Road is everywhere or Stop this body (39-43)

Charles Hine & Rosmarie Waldrop: Beginning Interview: Lesson 1

Jack Hirschman: (poem) STMP

Lorand Gaspar: (poem) from Gisements

Martin Wright: (prose) a dead ventriloquist tells no tales.

John Freeman: (prose) Snow Corridors

Douglas Oliver: (prose) After Renard’s House

Michael Haslam: a note on The Harmless Building (Douglas Oliver)

George Tysh: (poems) Clear Creek / A Hole

Colin T. Symes: (essay) Maltreated Trade Effluent

John Taggart: (poem) Cube

Anthony Barnett: 14 poems

André du Bouchet: (poems) Plain / The Light of the Blade / This Surface

Danielle Collobert: from dire II

Bernard Noël: (essay) To change death?

Jonathan R: (essay) Lars Fredrikson and the Transparency of Identity

Michael Haslam: (poem) from Melanie Melanie Klein Melanie Melanie Klein

Peter Riley: 2 poems

Glenda George: (poem) Lone Works

Martin Thom: (poems) some nice films I have known / from here on up no grammars please / the turn of a living thing / recording

Veronica Forrest-Thomson: (poems) Selection Restrictions on “peanuts for dinner” / The Aquarium /Drinks with a Metalogue

John Hall: (poems) Support Rhodesia / Words To Lie With / Selflessness

David Ball: (poems) The Great Lover / Inevitable Actions, Contingent Acts / Life Sketch / National Skyline

Jeremy Hilton: pisces poem / leo poem / sagittarius poem / pisces poem

Gael Turnbull: (poems) Song of a Hebrides Woman from Viking Times / Waves on the Shingle /