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Guitar Solos 3

Artist: Various

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Catalog No: Red Records, RED 008
Format: Vinyl Lp

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A1 and A2 played on a Gibson 355 through an Acoustic 115 amp using standard tuning, glass slide, compressor, digital delay and volume pedal. Recorded at Walden Studios, Carmel Highlands, California on 6th January 1979 using an ambient microphone, a close microphone and a direct output from the delay unit.
A3 to A5 played on prepared guitar at home in Davis, California A3. on 22nd December 1977, A4 on 8th July 1978, A5 on 1st April 1978.
A6 acoustic guitar, recorded in June 1976 in Utrecht, Holland, through a Revox A77 with contact microphone and ambient microphone.
A7 recorded in December 1978, played on two guitar simultaneously; an old Gibson through a Burns Orbit amplifier, prepared with metal, magnets and a small electric motor; a Dan Armstrong through 100 watt Marshall lead amplifier with ATC speakers, using a Big Muff and MXR equaliser and volume/wah pedals.
B1 to B3 recorded in October 1978 at Briollay, France with the help of Jean-Bossard and his Revox tape machine B2 was performed on one guitar by three people - thanks Isabelle and Eude Bulard for cotton reel assistance....
B4 played on a Dobro, B5 on a Gibson 12 string; both recorded at Grogkill Studio, Willow, New York.
B6 recorded on 28th September at Trans Studio, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, using a 1969 Gibson Les Paul, a 1970 Peavey Musician, eggbeater, 'T', polished stone, slave-made mortar, etc.
B7 acoustic guitar, recorded 28th November 1978 at Saito Studio, Tokyo.

I'd like to thank all the musicians involved for their co-operation and enthusiasm (not to mention their music); also David Vorhaus, at whose Kaleidophon Studios the tapes were finally collated and mastered; and Bert and Alf for continued help and encouragement.

Total times:
A - 28:53
B - 25:57