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RRR 500 (Various 500 Lock-Grooves By 500 Artists)

Artist: Various

Year: 1998
Country: United States
Label: RRRecords
Catalog No: RRRecords, RRR-500
Format: Vinyl Lp-2
Spezification: nm/nm (little cw)
A1 Punk Sheep On Drugs– Untitled
A2 ST 37– Untitled
A3 Moray Eels– Untitled
A4 Aube– Untitled
A5 Sian– Untitled
A6 Loop Circuit– Untitled
A7 Hyper Ventilation– Untitled
A8 Akifumi Nakajima– Untitled
A9 Toy Bizarre– Untitled
A10 Bruno Moreigne– Untitled
A11 Lichatz*– Untitled
A12 Foom– Untitled
A13 Radboud Mens– Untitled
A14 Shifts– Untitled
A15 Goem– Untitled
A16 Captain Black– Untitled
A17 Quest (2)– Untitled
A18 Mark Poysden– Untitled
A19 Basssix– Untitled
A20 L.O.S.D.– Untitled
A21 TAW– Untitled
A22 Peter Fleur– Untitled
A23 √Sub*– Untitled
A24 Raum– Untitled
A25 Bruce Gilbert– Untitled
A26 Put Put– Untitled
A27 Barbed– Untitled
A28 :Zoviet*France:*– Untitled
A29 Otomo Yoshihide– Untitled
A30 Cult Junk Cafe– Untitled
A31 Tone Motion– Untitled
A32 Lumbar Trio– Untitled
A33 Liminal– Untitled
A34 Aerospace Soundwise– Untitled
A35 TV Pow– Untitled
A36 Wheaton Research– Untitled
A37 Pencilneck– Untitled
A38 Thomas Deater– Untitled
A39 7000 Dying Rats– Untitled
A40 Tim Fletcher– Untitled
A41 Clive Graham– Untitled
A42 Sarah Winton– Untitled
A43 Mike Davies (2)– Untitled
A44 Kymatik– Untitled
A45 Jeff Filla– Untitled
A46 Jgrzinich– Untitled
A47 Dan Plunkett– Untitled
A48 Brekekekexkoax (Koax)*– Untitled
A49 ERG– Untitled
A50 Zygote (5)– Untitled
A51 Seth Nihil*– Untitled
A52 MNortham*– Untitled
A53 Astroglijd– Untitled
A54 Karen Finley– Untitled
A55 Pedestrian (2)– Untitled
A56 Ward Eldredge– Untitled
A57 Asche– Untitled
A58 Morgenstern– Untitled
A59 Templegarden's– Untitled
A60 Synapscape– Untitled
A61 Telepherique– Untitled
A62 P·A·L– Untitled
A63 Noisex–