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Tantric Chant Of Tibet

Artist: The Venerable 'Chi.Med Rig.'Dzin Lama, Rinpoche

Year: 1988
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Maldoror, MAL 111
Format: Vinyl Lp
  Side Black
A1 Invocation Of Yum Chenmo  
A2 Request For Blessing From Dorje Pagmo  
A3 Offering Ot The Body, Kandro Gajan By Jigme Langpa  
A4 Verses On Cause And Effect  
A5 Dedication Of Merit  
  Side Red
B1 Reminder About Impermanence, Mitag Gyudkul By Rigdzin Godem  
B2 Prayer To Guru Rinpoche  
B3 Visualisation Of A Wrathful Form Of Guru Rinpoche, Dorie Dragpo Tsal Dag Kye  
B4 Prayer To Guru Rinpoche, Tsigdun Soldeb  
B5 Invocation Of The Deities, Chandran  
B6 Receiving Blessing, Chinbeb  
B7 Prayers To Yidams, And Dharma Protectors, Chodpai Trinpung By Nuden Dorje  
B8 Dedication Of Merit  
Companies, etc.
  • Printed By – DRG Malago
This edition is limited to 2000 copies.
Part of the "Current 93 Presents" series.

Generic inner sleeve with rounded corners (DRG MALAGO British Patent No. 1125555 321 B 11/88 MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN

Comes with three inserts