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Elemental 7

Artist: Chris and Cosey

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Doublevision, DV 05
Format: Video
  • Phonographic Copyright ? – Rough Trade Music
  • Copyright © – Rough Trade Music
  • Design [Sleeve Design] – CTI, Kevin Thorne
  • Film Director [All Visual Created By], Sounds – CTI, Chris Carter (2), Cosey Fanni Tutti, John Lacey
  • Photography By – Steve Pyke
The visuals were shot entirely on domestic VHS equipment, including 90% of the special effects. It was then transferred to Umatic for editing and post production.
"Elemental 7" was shot in 1982 and not edited to its final form until September 1983. The soundtracks were recorded at Studio 47 in 1982 and completed for release in September 1983.
Special thanks go to Mr. Evans.
The quality and content of this recording cannot and should not be compared with conventional, commercial recordings.
Visuals shot at Robinwood Mill and on location in West Yorkshire and London.
Post Production at LVA London.
Total Running Time: 59:30 Min. 1   Temple Bar 12:30
2   Dancing Ghosts 10:37
3   Meeting Mr. Evans 4:13
4   Invisible Spectrum 10:35
5   Sidereal 5:23
6   Well Spring Of Life 6:39
7   The Final Calling 3:21