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Works 2 / Block 64

Artist: Mori & Ushioku

Year: 1983
Country: Japan
Catalog No: DD.Records, DT072
Format: Tape
A1 –A. Mori (2) Introduction  
A2 –A. Mori (2) No Title  
A3 –A. Mori (2) Theme Of Helicopter  
A4 –A. Mori (2) Brain Soup  
A5 –A. Mori (2) Jamping  
  –A. Mori (2) March Funèbre (?????)  
A6 a) – Hell´s Bells  
A6 b) – Devil´s Step  
A6 c) – March Funèbre  
A6 d) – Devil´s Voice I  
A6 e) – Starless  
A6 f) – Devil´s Voice II  
A7 –A. Mori (2) Ending Theme  
B1 –M. Ushioku Drawing I  
B2 –M. Ushioku Communication  
B3 –M. Ushioku Process  
B4 –M. Ushioku Medium  
B5 –M. Ushioku Triangle  
B6 –M. Ushioku Lamentation  
B7 –M. Ushioku Dark Sunday  
  • Artwork – T. Kamada
  • Effects, Artwork, Other – M. Ushioku
  • Synthesizer, Electric Guitar – A. Mori (2), H. Yonagi
Cassette came with photocopied printed matter, photocopied cassette art insert.