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Artist: Morphogenesis

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 077
Format: Tape
A1 Improvisation 61  
A2 Improvisation 68  
A3 Improvisation 42 (Stockhausen's "Set Sail For The Sun")  
B1 Improvisation 50  
B2 Improvisation 57  
B3 Improvisation 44  
  • Electric Guitar – Fred Sansom
  • Engineer [Sound Projection] – Ron Briefel
  • Instruments [Small] – Clive Hall
  • Percussion, Electronics [Short Wave Radio], Performer [Water], Effects [Tape Delay] – Michael Prime
  • Percussion, Performer [Springs] – Roger Sutherland
  • Violin [Prepared], Strings [Homemade] – Adam Bohman
J-cards printed on a variety of paper colors. On some copies the tracklisting is not entirely legible, due to it being printed on the cassette label. Some copies include an insert with recording information.

Recording locations:
A1: West Square
A2: Clive's House, Ealing 10/12/86
A3: Mike's House, Lewisham 30/5/86
B1: West Square Electronic Music Festival 19/7/86
B2: Ealing
B3: Lewisham Harbour Club 7/6/86