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Curtains No 4

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1972
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

Curtains No 4 (1972) 32pp

Trevor Winkfield: (prose) Rat

J.D.Beardsley: (poem) This Courtesy Is Not Of The Right Breed

Allen Fisher: (prose/poems) from a letter / the Southampton Listener / from Psychotectonics / from The Diaries of John Bransbody / from Busk / from Caxus / Tom Net’s “Love’s Threne”

Opal L. Nations: (prose & stencil drawings) Jessop / Dear Paul

Pierre Joris: from a letter

Michel Bulteau: (poem) from Slit

Pierre Joris: (poem) Metabolic Mescaline Pathways

Claude Pélieu: (poem) from Jukeboxes

Blaise Cendrars: (poems) The Head / Titles / Islands / Waking / Butterfly / Sunsets

Jules Superveille: (poems) Unconscious of my body / When no one looks at her

Paul Gogarty: (poem) formosa