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Revue OU 38 / 39

Artist: Various

Year: 1971
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Revue OU: REVUE-DISQUE 38/39
Format: Vinyl 10"
Spezification: vg+ (Record Only)
A1 –Henri Chopin Le Rire Est Debout (For Michael Steyn) 7:57
A2 –Bengt Emil Johnson (Among) II 4:55
B1 –Sten Hanson Révolution 3:40
B2 –Sten Hanson Railroad Poem 2:20
B3 –Jacques Bekaert The Day After (Dedicated To Henri Pousseur) 7:08
Companies, etc.
  • Pressed By – Multi-Techniques
Audio-visual magazine printed in England. Record pressed in France by Multi-Techniques.

Gatefold sleeve supported by two 5" pieces of wood.

Edition of 500 copies consisting of 475 copies numbered 26-500; 1 copy marked "A" containing all the original art works; 10 copies marked B-K; 10 copies numbered 1-10 with signed serigraphs by Marcel Janco and Marcelle Cahn; 4 copies Hors Commerce.


1. Hand-numbered and/or marked info sheet.

2. Signed 9¾x9¾" card sculpture by Hansjörg Gisiger

3. A 18x20" color poster "Is A Virus Perhaps Simple Very Small Units Of Sound and Image" with text by William S. Burroughs and art by Henri Chopin.

4. A 19½x20" poster by Cozette De Charmoy.

5. A 9½x9½" print "Le Temps Des Equivoques" by Marcel Mariën.

6. A 10x20" poster-poem "Phases" with texts by Laurent Andres, Christian Bernard, Roger Galizot, Vladimir Holub, Edouard Jaguer, and Jean-Pierre Sanchez designed by Henri Chopin.

7. A 9½x9½" sheet "Concert Music 6" by Richard Orton.

8. A 17.4x19.6" color poster "La Fabulation Dada" by Marcel Janco with art by Henri Chopin.

9. A 10x9.8" sheet "Le Phénomène Jef Golyscheff" with text by Raoul Hausmann and a drawing by Golyscheff.

10. A 9.9x12.8" sheet with text by Marcelle Cahn and art by Henri Chopin.

11. Poster by Degottex.

A1: 1969, for Michael Steyn
A2: 2/1970
B1: 1970
B2: 1970
B3: 1969, dedicated to Henri Pousseur