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P Is For Proper

Artist: EHI

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 003
Format: Tape
 Side One
1. complications
2. values
3. in the city
4. human bite
5. they walk without me
6. clock watch
7. obedience
8. tone bank
9. modern annoyance
10. multi media
Side Two
1.crystal clear
2. rejected
3. fragmented image
4. frozen cells
5. down
6. reception complete
7. p is for proper
8. cut up
9. cancelled
10. filler
E H I is:
Brian Noring - keyboards, guitar, vocals, programming, percussions, feedback, samples, bells, tape loops, and effects.
Recorded June-October 1994.
About "P Is For Proper" Brian Noring wrote:
My first solo tape. I actually began working on what I hoped would be a more industrial grindcore kind of sound (ala Godflesh), but with my ears full of early Industrial releases like Cabaret Voltaire's Johnny YesNo soundtrack things quickly changed direction (and trust me this was for the best). The first couple of EHI tapes are kind of unique as I was really coming up with sounds without much influence from the soon to take over my life home recording tape trading scene. That would start changing right after the release of this tape. Overall this tape still holds up as a good listen, way too much Casio keyboard perhaps, but with a total of 20 tracks over 60 minutes this still strikes me as enjoyable. Recorded on a dual cassette Casio Song Star Karaoke machine.