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Synth Bites Man

Artist: This Little Alien

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Un, Ltd Abilities UNLTD 2
Format: Tape
A1 This Is What You Do 4:26
A2 Where No Bass Does Tread 3:50
A3 Folk-De-Roll 2:02
A4 Squark 1:20
A5 Riffara 7:00
A6 Untitled 4:02
A7 R2D2 Sings 1:38
A8 Morose Morse 1:45
A9 Carousel 3:05
B1 Bengy Mouse 0:37
B2 Share + Enjoy 1:20
B3 Story Pt 2 5:08
B4 Untitled 1:58
B5 M.O.R. 4:52
B6 Coniston Waves 1:46
B7 Raga Rok (For Vangelis) 2:44
B8 Melodayz 2:44
B9 Noizy Rain 1:58
B10 Strawberry Fields Forever 3:18
B11 Drip Drop 0:48
  • Synthesizer [Cat], Guitar [Kays Cheap Down To Four Strings, Fed Through Filter], Electronics [Radio], Effects [F.x.], Tape [Loops], Voice, Performer [Pencil] – Gordon A. Hope
Recorded between Monday 5th May 1980 and Tuesday 13th May 1980.