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Indecent Exposure 5 & 6 (Only this day and 77 others)

Artist: Nasmak

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Plurex Records, C021
Format: Tape-2
  IndEx V
A1 F.M. Parade 1023  
A2 Days 4  
A3 Complicated Things  
A4 Never Fool The P.A.-System  
A5 Eyes 2  
A6 Ne Me Quitte...  
A7 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 3  
A8 2 Seconds Of The Flipside  
A9 I Do 1  
A10 Void 2 (Rehearsing 1981)  
A11 Calypso Around The Clock  
A12 I Do 2  
A13 The Master Bait  
A14 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 4  
A15 I Do 3  
A16 Word  
A17 Tudance 1  
A18 I Didn't Do 1  
A19 Vaseline Des Artistes (Rehearsing 1981)  
A20 To Love The Fall In Djnepropetrowsk 2  
A21 I Do 4  
A22 Variations (2 Parts)  
A23 Tudance 2 (2 Parts)  
A24 I Do 5  
B1 The Force Of Habit 2  
B2 Roommates In Space Soundtrack  
B3 I Didn't Do 2  
B4 Beautiful Obscenery (Repeat Chorus 2) (Rehearsing 1981)  
B5 Tudance 3  
B6 I Didn't Do 3  
B7 Birds (2 Parts)  
B8 Fair 1 (2 Parts)  
B9 I Didn't Do 4  
B10 Origins And Whereabouts 3 (Crying)  
B11 Labour  
B12 I Do 6  
B13 Cold Blood (Rehearsing 1981)  
B14 Au 3  
B15 Part V (Music For Movie "Do Not Title")  
B16 Fair 2  
B17 Ashes  
B18 2nd  
B19 Livin' Doll  
B20 Sneak Through Any Window 2 (3 Parts)  
B21 4th  
B22 Now Minds Are Making New Cities  
B23 Ich Liebe Dich  
B24 Searching For One Hammer In Several Sheds  
  IndEx VI
C1 Hobby Horse (Rehearsing 1981)  
C2 Tudance 4  
C3 Cocacola  
C4 Stop  
C5 F.M. Parade 1203  
C6 F.M. Parade 1203  
C7 Picture  
C8 Other Places And Sea Sons (2 Parts)  
C9 Won't Ye Com' Over (2 Parts)  
C10 Lilly Marleen  
C11 F.M. Parade 0123  
C12 Tudance 5  
C13 Team Spirit 2 (Why Talk Of - ) (Rehearsing 1981)  
C14 Only This Day  
C15 "Chocolat" 1  
C16 Dead Slow 1 (Live 1981)  
C17 F.M. Parade 1204  
D1 F.M. Parade 1024 (4 Parts)  
D2 I Do 7  
D3 Before Being Born(e) (3 Parts)  
D4 Better 1  
D5 Soul  
D6 Au Pair (Live 1981)  
D7 A Shop  
D8 Saw My Own Doubt Leaving  
D9 Post  
D10 Lilly Marleen  
D11 Thank You  
D12 "Chocolat" 2  
D13 Announcement  
D14 Inside Down 2 (Live 1981)  
D15 4our Clicks (Live 1981)  
Companies, etc.
  • Copyright (c) – Nasmak
  • Published By – Boudisque Publishing
  • Bass – Saskia Sleegers (tracks: A3, A13, B1, B10)
  • Bass, Effects [Basspedals], Vocals, Lyrics By – Theo Van Eenbergen (tracks: A6, A16, A17, A20, A22, A23, B2, B5, B7, B8, B11, B14 to B17, B19, B20, B23, C2, C4, C10, C14, C15, D7, D8, D10, D12)
  • Bass, Vocals – Koen Anker (tracks: C7)
  • Drums, Vocals, Drum Programming [Drum Synthesizer], Lyrics By, Artwork By – Toon Bressers (tracks: A1, A3, A4, A6, A7, A11, A13, A14, A20, B1, B8, B10, B15 to B18, B20 to B22, B24, C3, C5, C9, C11, C14, C15, D4, D5, D7, D9, D11 to D13)
  • Guitar [Guitarmills, Electric Tools Used On Guitars] – Remko Scha (tracks: B18, B21)
  • Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals – Henk Janssen (tracks: A3, A4, A7, A11, A13, A14, A17, A23, B1, B10, B19, B22, B23, C2)
  • Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics By – Joop Van Brakel (tracks: A2, A3, A5, A8, A9, A11 to A15, A18, A21, A24, B1, B3, B6, B9, B10, B12, C6 to C10, C12, C17, D1 to D3, D10)
  • Guitar, Vocals, Violin – Richard De Courcier (tracks: A6, B22, C7, C14, C15, D7, D12)
  • Performer – Dodo Janssen (tracks: D2, D3), Els De Grool (tracks: D11)
  • Recorded By – Roland Smits
  • Recorded By, Producer, Composed By – Nasmak
  • Synthesizer, Vocals – Milco Bogaard (tracks: A3, A4, A7, A13, B1, B10, B16, B17, B20, B22)
  • Vocals, Guitar, Organ – Aleks Vermeulen (tracks: B15)
  • Vocals, Percussion – Jeanniek Van Eenbergen (tracks: A6, C14, C15, D7, D12)
Released with cover art and labels on the cassettes.
Track titles, credits, and other information are not printed on the cassettes' artwork.
This Information is derived from the "Indecent Exposure" booklet, a 5x8 inch accordion folded pamphlet, which was provided separately and contains release information for all six "Indecent Exposure" cassettes.

"Index = Indecent Exposure"
"The cipher/letter code - Behind the titles refer to the line-ups as mentioned on these info pages."

Recorded during February - September 1981.