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Swimming in the Sound Soup

Artist: Turkey Makes Me Sleepy

Year: 1997
Country: United States
Catalog No: Taped Rugs Productions
Format: Tape
  Lite Side
A1 Sandman  
A2 Mercuric Cloud  
A3 Edna Lena Loo  
  Dark Side
B1 Inaugural Balls  
B2 Insouciant Incunabulum  
B3 Dark Angel's Model Railroad  
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy:
Michael Adams (Mikadams)
Charles Rice Goff III
Eric Matchett

"Swimming In The Sound Soup" was the first of several cassette albums produced by Turkey Makes Me Sleepy (TMMS) and released by Taped Rugs Productions out of Lawrence, Kansas, USA. The album was created and released to the public in 1997.

Each piece on the album is a collaged mix of three tracks, each track having been created by a different member of the group at a unique time and in a unique place. This composing process, which TMMS referred to as: "Pass The Tape," was also used to create the recordings on the cassette album: "My First Adventure Into 3D" (1998) and the CD album: "Six With Pix" (2005).

* To begin this composing process, each member of the group produced two unique recordings of about five minutes in length.

* Then, each member gave one of these recordings to each of the other group members to manipulate its audio qualities in some way. At this stage, sounds were rearranged, additional sounds were collaged with the primary recordings, sound effects were added, etc.

* Then, each member passed his manipulated recordings to the third and final persons in the group to "finish" them with further manipulations. The member who finished a piece also authored its name.