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Durchschnittsanfall 5

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion Pr17 Series: Durchschnittsanfall 5
Format: Tape
AA –Silent Voices Too Much Energy  
AB –Der Pilz (Excerpt)  
AC –No Idea Live At Arts Club Theatre, Seymour 12/4/87  
AD –Merz Infection  
AE –The Circle Of Heretics Infantile Paralysis  
AF –Mental Anguish Last Chance Amigo  
AG –JFK (2) Penisator  
AH –H64 Arbeit Und Kapital 1  
AI –Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble Holy Wars  
BJ –Die Rache An New Toy  
BK –Dead Goldfish Ensemble Tin He Said  
BL –Funeral Souvenir La Noche En El Rail  
BM –Abessinier Egal Sualk (Excerpt)  
BN –Prima Materia / Arnovah Animal Control 1  
BO –Victimized Karcass* Talking About Crack  
BP –Ethnic Acid Psychick Effigee  
BQ –Solanaceae Tau Machination Engine  
BR –Odal It's Not Always A Good Day  
Released in a multifolded cover with artworks from involved projects, full addresses and info.