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Tape for Flowmotion

Artist: Architects Office

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Flowmotion
Catalog No: Flowmotion
Format: Tape
Side A
1. AO124
2. AO133.2
3. AO129
4. AO128.5
Side B
1. AO134.5 "Hymnosis"
2. AO128.8
3. AO129.1 "I Chris"
Co-released by Architects Office and the Flowmotion label, Leeds, UK
FLOWMOTION is a recent release of studio material by Boulder, Colorado’s Architects Office. A/O’s style is similar to the work of Bladder Flask and Negativland, but the approach is more manic. A/O takes the raw elements of TV and radio loops, cheap electronic gizmos, found and environmental sounds, various tape manipulations and repeats them over and over again in different combinations and juxtapositions; throwing our “cultural junk” back in our faces. These seven collage pieces are enlightening, very funny portraits of American life; the type of music that makes you want to laugh and vomit at the same time.
- January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Service Catalogue