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Artist: Lawrence Crane

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Pink Noise Tapes, none
Format: Tape


A1 Intro  
A2 Theme One (Welcome)  
A3 Sunset  
A4 My True Love  
A5 Wah!  
A6 Walking  
A7 Sam  
A8 Solitude  
A9 Tricia's Cigarette  
A10 Sadness Passes  
A11 Happy  
B1 Love Is Fear  
B2 Beor's Theme  
B3 Headache  
B4 Signals  
B5 Theme Two (Dissonance)  
B6 Pain  
B7 Distrotion  
B8 Bat's Song  
B9 Theme Three (Journeys)  
B10 End  


  • Keyboards [Casio PT20, Casio V11, Modified Casio V11], Synthesizer [SN 76477 SFX Generator, Mattel Synsonics Drums, Roland Synth], Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Hawaiian Guitar], Performer [Toy Instruments], Effects [Pearl Analog Delay, Echoplex, Boss Analog Delay, Homemade Reverb, MXR Micro Flanger, Cry Baby Wah, Morely Volume Pedal]Lawrence Crane
  • PerformerMatthew Mumper (tracks: B2), Richard Streeter (tracks: A1), Steve Valin (tracks: A1), Tim Smyth (tracks: A1)


African music on "Sunset" from record "Soul of Mbira".