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Natural Disasters

Gender: Male
Description: A solo project by Gyo?rgy A?RVAI (b. 1959), a thoroughly educated Hungarian multimedia artist and composer exploring the experimental post-industrial genre, who is also known as one half of PARANOISE (an ad-hoc project formed with an Austrian architect Walter HOLLINETZ) and since 2002 as the manager of AUTONOM ZONE, an independent cultural and artistic organisation. He has been artistically active since 1984, when he esta- blished an experimental theatre group TERME?SZETES VE?SZEK KOLLEKTI?VA (The COLLECTIVE OF NATURAL DISASTERS), acclaimed for their use of avant- garde stage effects and successful combination of ballet, happening art, and contemporary music. Quantitatively modest, his catalogue is inspired by the industrial avant-garde of rock music. His instrumentation included a set of analogue synthesizers, multi-effect units and the processed sound of the electric guitar. His primary method of work involved gradual pro- cessing of looped antimusical textures. He has also produced soundtracks to documentary films and theatre. Although he never announced artistic retirement officially, his activities slowed down considerably after 2001. Selected discography: Natural Disasters (Natural Disasters 1986) tape