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Madame Sadie (MME Sadie)

Gender: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Madame Sadie started making music in 1983 and in December of that year played her only show.
Two cassettes were released, entitled "Spite" and "Egglust".
On March 19th, 1984 Sadie was killed in a car crash.
After her death, two close friends carried on her work and performed a memorial concert in London with Ramleh. They also went onto Belgium and performed in Club Moral's In Vitro under the name Sevenhorns dA-Ho!.
Info by Richard Rupenus to Madame Sadie.
I was briefly in contact with Madame Sadie around the time that the 'Ex The Backlash' comp cassette (Broken Flag), to which TNB also contributed, was issued and received a Sevenhorns dA-Ho! (a.k.a. 7-Horns dA-Ho!) cassette (which I no longer have.) I assume you know about the 'Spite' and 'Egglust' cassettes and that they supported Ramleh (along with Total) at the Air Gallery in London in 1984. Ex-members of Madame Sadie went on to form Sevenhorns dA-Ho! (there was an article about them in 'Forcemental' magazine.) I assume that Madame Sadie may get a mention in the Ramleh 'Grudge For Life*' book (Adverse Effect) although (going by the Broken Flag article in 'As Loud As Possible' magazine) As a 7-Horns dA-Ho! article appeared in 'Forcemental' and Club Moral issued the 7-Horns 'Love Mom + Sister But Hate Daddy' cassette (Club Moral, 1984)