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French Curtains

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1973
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

French Curtains (1973) 60pp

Gilbert Lély: (poem) Aloisia or the dance

Francis Ponge: (poem) The End of Autumn / Fire (1942)

Edmond Jabès: from The Book of the Absent

Joseph Guglielmi: (essay) The Labyrinth of Signs

Jean Tortel: (poems) from Relations

Lorand Gaspar: (texts) from Sol absolu

Bernard Noël: (prose) white love

Joseph Gulgielmi: (poem) Lines… (or web)

Claude Fain: (poems) spring from suffocation / like the will

Claude Royet-Journoud: (poem) Book of Images / For Enigma / Manual

Gilbert Lély: (poems) Sulphur Sigh / I do not want this woman to be killed / Double dream