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Orcades Machinales - Volumes 3 & 4

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: ORK8912
Format: Tape
    Volume 3 - Face A
A1 –Schaum Der Tage Cinquains 4:15
A2 –Collection D'Arnell Andrea* Aux Mortes Saisons 4:40
A3 –Opera Multi Steel Prométhée 3:50
A4 –Johnson's Fiver Paradise 2:15
A5 –Nostalgie Eternelle The Attempt 4:30
A6 –Machine Maid Man Heads, Hands And Feet 2:30
A7 –In Aeternam Vale Tainted Love 2:30
A8 –The Sun (8) La Vierge Enveloppée 2:10
A9 –Pascal Et La Cage Verte La Ballade Érotique De Céline Et Vincent 2:30
    Volume 3 - Face B
B1 –Shadowplay (2) Forever 3:50
B2 –Cryptic Flowers Intoxicate 2:50
B3 –L'An III Euthanasie 4:15
B4 –Osiris (18) Voyage Dans La Tête 4:35
B5 –Sombre Septembre Le Nez Rouge 3:10
B6 –De Medicis Alternatives 5:05
B7 –Dagon Craft Walk In The Sun 3:00
B8 –Trespassers W.* White War 1:40
    Volume 4 - Face A
C1 –Pol Silentblock & Unknown Artist Miaou 0:50
C2 –X Ray Pop* Zzzbong ! 3:35
C3 –No Unauthorized Il A Réussi 4:35
C4 –The High Tech Pagodas Midi People 4:40
C5 –The Detective Can I Please You ? 3:40
C6 –Bela Luna Je T'Invite 3:17
C7 –Das Freie Orchester We Shall Overcome 1:00
C8 –Objection Calamité 5:00
    Volume 4 - Face B
D1 –Man's Hate Rocket To The Moon 4:35
D2 –Doeb Silence Is A Look 2:50
D3 –Sack* Sie Riecht So Gut 2:20
D4 –Profyltextes 1 Rue Parmentier 2:30
D5 –Dan & The Destroys Mon Frère... 4:45
D6 –Flagrants D'eli L'Ennui 3:25
D7 –Costes Je Galope 1:40
D8 –Famlende Forsok* Shrug Off Your Sadness 5:15
  • Edited By, Artwork By [Graphics Realized, Exterior Color Photo] – Franck Lopez
  • Edited By, Artwork By [Graphics Realized] – Catherine Marie
Cassette comes in a clam shell vhs box with inserts, one with artist contact info and another with track listing.
Compiled and produced by Orcadia Machina.
The sound effects come from Orcadia Machina answering-machine.
"Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé."