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Organic soundscape music

Artist: Ur Kaos

Year: 1984
Country: Sweden
Catalog No: Bauta Records; BAR 8401
Format: Tape
A Organic Soundscape Music II  
B Organic Soundscape Music II  
  • Bass Guitar, Effects [Basspedals] – M Paulsson*
  • Flute, Alto Recorder – M. Nord
  • Music By, Sounds – Ur*
  • Organ, Percussion [Electronic Percussion] – B. Wieslander
  • Synth, Organ, Percussion – Johan Hedre'n*
  • Violin, Organ, Tape [Tapes], Percussion – L Jonsson*
Projekt Organic Sounscape II

Performed in the colonnade of the watertower in Linköping, Sweden. Evening Sept.15, 1984.

Rythmic shapes in circular motion.
Soundstructures rise and dissolve.
Original mood initiated by excerpt from "Ancient Japanese Gagaku Music".

This tape is suitable for ambiofonic reproduction to recreate full spatial dimension.