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Behind Dark Glasses

Artist: Those Nervous Surgeons

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Lung Function Records, none
Format: Tape
A1 Cuhuh  
A2 A Civilian In Need  
A3 Natural Actions  
A4 The Vacuum Shop  
A5 Why Is It So Cold  
A6 Behind Dark Glasses  
A7 Portable Entertainment  
B1 Watching Every Night  
B2 The Last Chance  
B3 What's My Name  
B4 Black Curtains  
B5 Un-Natural Actions  
B6 Damp Ashtrays  
pre-Click Click-Project active from 1976 to 1982. Members were Adrian and Derek Smith as well as Tim Wilson.

The musical direction of the group changed from indie-rock-based songs to electronic-based music after they bought the EDP Wasp synthesizer. In late 82 they decided to change their name to Click Click.

The Tape 'Behind Dark Glasses' reflects this drastic change in style described above when compared to their Reanimator-Tape released in 1980 and sets the fundament for their musical output and typical Click Click Sound to come.