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The Portal

Artist: Dave Fuglewicz

Year: 1997
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 High Drone Drifter 14:26
A2 Mysterious Pilgrimage 9:10
A3 Just Thinkin' 4:41
B1 Trench Back Illusion 9:06
B2 Opaque Tapestry 8:10
B3 Midst 2:12
B4 Flying 2:38
Companies, etc.
  • Copyright (c) – Dave Fuglewicz
Copyright April ,1 1997 by Dave Fuglewicz

Hand-numbered edition
Information from the album page at the Internet Archive:
"The Portal" was my eleventh release, in April of 1997 on cassette. After I had released "Orange Mist Sunrise/Sunset" I took a nine month break recording solo pieces. During that time I recorded some pieces that went to a release by Vraxoin titled "Collaboration", the "Sonic Debris" release by Ambient Meat and few other things here and there. I got back to recording some solo pieces in December of 1996 and within two and a half months I had enough for a release.
So "The Portal" was born, an entrance to more of my music.
My equipment at this time: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Sequencer, modified Casio keyboard, Digitech 7.6 Delay, several effects "stomp" boxes, some home made synthesizer modules.
All tracks recorded to my trusty four track Vesta-Fire MR-10B cassette deck.
"High Drone Drifter": completed January, 1997.
"Mysterious Pilgrimage": completed February, 1997.
"Just Thinking": completed February, 1997.
"Trench Back Illusion": completed December, 1996.
"Opaque Tapestry": completed January, 1997.
"Midst": completed February, 1997.
"Flying": completed February, 1997.