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Total Recess 6

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: United States
Catalog No: Mystery Hearsay
Format: Tape
A1 –Morgan Bryan Cold Am I  
A2 –Kronstadt E-electrical And El-Garbi  
A3 –Art Interface Fuckin Car  
A4 –Art Interface Assasin Of Dub  
A5 –Jody & the Creams Riding Around On A Pink Cloud With You And Coffee Cup  
A6 –X-Ray Pop Psychosynthe And O.K. Music  
A7 –Arms Of Someone New She Disappeared  
A8 –Shadowplay  Destiny  
A9 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka King Of Poverty  
A10 –Sack/Harald "Sack" Ziegler* Quintettfetzen Sack  
A11 –Midi Maniax Reside And Hide  
A12 –Mystery Hearsay "Smother" Mystery  
B1 –Objection Nuance Lorder  
B2 –Objection Pitch A Effet (Reverb And Gate Mix)  
B3 –In Aeternam Vale Vengeance  
B4 –In Aeternam Vale Peur Sur La Vile  
B5 –Parade Of Sinners I Can't Stand It  
B6 –Parade Of Sinners The Thrill Of Making Money  
B7 –Hybrids Kill The Beast  
B8 –ERICK "The Gob Text Cycles" Fragment  
B9 –New Carrollton Untitled 1  
B10 –New Carrollton Untitled 2  
B11 –New Carrollton Untitled 3  
B12 –Aquatics Ever Tarnish Excerpts From EVY