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bal:le:d Curtains

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1978
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

bal:le:d Curtains (1978) 174pp


Jean-Luc Parant: cover image

Paul Buck: a second editorial

Paul Buck: (essay) Danger: Work in progress

Bernard Noël: (essay) The outrage against words

Elaine Shemilt: photo works

Ulrike Meinhof: Letter from a prisoner in the corridor of death

Danielle Collobert: (prose) from il donc

Paul Buck: (poem & photos) Part each  the parting

Glenda George: (poem) le prestidigitateur

Ulli McCarthy: (poem) Nightshift

Allen Fisher: (poem essay) Identity: Movement: the work of Ulli McCarthy

Michael Bishop: (poems) untitled texts / a dark flower

Philippe Boyer: (essay) The Star

Rod Mengham: (review) If you are abcedminded (John Wilkinson)

Joseph Guglielmi: (review) The dissociative adjustment (1) (Agnès Rouzier)

Pierre Bourgeade: extract on Henri Maccheroni

Henri Maccheroni: (photo work) Le sexe d’une femme

Paul Buck: (poem) from fou:tr:et

Michel Camus: (essay) Henri Maccheroni or The metaphysical look of the sex

Jean-Luc Parant: (text) EYES CIV

Jean-Luc Parant: (drawing) et écrire sur les yeux sans penser

Jean-Luc Parant & Titi Parant:  drawings

Jean-Luc Parant: drawings & sculpture

Jean-Luc Parant: an interview with Bernard Noël

Bernard Noël: (poem) vertical letter

Jean Pierre Faye: (prose) The folding

Paul Buck: (poem & art work) from fou:tr: et

Bernard Noël: (essay) The other body

Joë Bousquet: Letters to Hans Bellmer

Michèle Richman: (essay) Eroticism in the Patriarchal Order

Georges Bataille: from The Blue of the Sky

Mitsou Ronat: (essay) The glorious body of Laure

Laure: Last Poem / 8

Gina Pane: (photos & text) Action: Laure

Christian Schlatter: (essay) An instrument of knowledge

Michel Camus: meta-morphosis

Jean Pierre Faye: (essay) The movement of the change of forms

Jean-Claude Montel: (prose) Careful with your spelling

Paul Buck: (text) from fou:tr:et

Michel Camus: meta-morphosis

Cris Cheek: (poem) Tourniquet

Philip Corner: (texts) The Big Trombone

Monte Cazazza: photo work

Jed Rasula: (poem) Furthering the fire

Pierre Joris: (poem) “all past time is dream, & like a dream has no center”

Clayton Eshleman: (poem) Joseph

John James: (poem) Sister Midnight

Wendy Mulford: (poem) Against the cold: two she’s and a he

Alison Wilding: (texts) The Reading Room Adjusted / Mus Musculus and the Trap

Alison Wilding: (photo works) Three available tables / Without casting light on the subject

Brian Catling: poems & saculpture

Iain Sinclair: (essay) Servant to the Stars

Iain Sinclair: (prose) Slade & the Tyrannicides

Bill Griffiths: (prose) At the Grave Of A Literary Director

Michael Haslam: (prose) A Reflex to Peter Riley’s “The Irish Voyages”

K.Chris Cable: (poem) Identlic

Peter Riley: (prose) from Blake I

K.Chris Cable: (poem) Heroes of pes notor

Pierre Joris: (poem) P R E / T E X T S