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Paralyzed By The Very Thought

Artist: Donald Campau

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Lonely Whistle
Format: Tape
A1 Another Stupid Video  
A2 The New Me  
A3 Legend Of The Silent Scream  
A4 Invisible Shield  
A5 Blissando  
A6 Stuck In Place So Long  
A7 Rows  
A8 Northeast Hills  
A9 One Breath  
A10 Bridge To The Middle Of Nowhere  
A11 Sunset Over Milpitas  
B1 Ali Was A Bomber  
B2 Paralyzed By The Very Thought  
B3 John's Jew's Harp  
B4 Crowning Jewel  
B5 I Want To Be The Drone  
B6 Chance Burning  
B7 Trio Improvisation  
B8 Traintrance  
B9 End Of The Line  
B10 Marianne Jones  
  • Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Effects – Greg Gray
  • Trumpet, Jew's Harp, Vocals, Other [Various] – John Hayden (3)
  • Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass, Alto Saxophone, Percussion – Donald Campau*