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Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: Japan
Label: YLEM
Catalog No: YDL-0000
Format: Tape
 A1 –A.T.Rhythm Silence
A2 –Shinobu (3) Hello, Little One!
A3 –Amerikakorps Pao/Pao
A4 –The Dildos (2) We Went Sightseeing, But.....
A5 –Bushman-19 Dread Step
A6 –????????* Neckless
B1 –Sutamina Hadashi No Inu
B2 –R.N.A. Organism Murderous Act
B3 –Perfect Mother Mani.Mani.Mani
B4 –Salariedman Club* Blank Account
B5 –Interon Take To The Frugment
C1 –??????* AI (Love)
C2 –A.T.Rhythm Darling
C3 –Minimal Lethal Dose Melting Point
C4 –Mad Tea Party Win-D-Oor
C5 –??????* Theme
C6 –Personal Effects Only Moodlenghts 3
D1 –Merzbow Envois 216
D2 –Mono Sexion My Only Language
D3 –Base (9) Wet
D4 –Interon Kaelf El
D5 –Airyfarm Parodia 5 Love Will Never Us Apart!
D6 –Hyperspace (3) Karappo No Iremono