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Artist: Brain Discipline

Year: 1989
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Minus Habens Records, MHT 017
Format: Tape
A1 Worldone  
A2 Here,Now:World!  
A3 Worldtwo  
A4 Spirit In Construction  
A5 Worldthree  
A6 Hermes!  
A7 Worldfour  
A8 Daughter Of The Cold Progress  
A9 Worldfive  
A0 Singing Hammers Made The World  
B1 Worldsix  
B2 E Tu Innalzi...  
B3 That's My World That You Ignore  
B4 Starke Feder (Freude Heisst)  
B5 Dove Sgorga La Grande Pianura  
B6 Like A Circle Round The Sun  
B7 Worldseven  
  • Drums, Percussion [Metal & Wood], Effects – Bruno Tentori
  • Music By, Cover – Brain Discipline
  • Synthesizer, Sampler, Voice, Trumpet, Effects – Stefano Golfari
  • Voice – Stefania Cattaneo
Track B2 dedicated to S.C. (you know why).
Tracks A0 and B6 recorded live.
All tracks recorded in 1989.

Made of: world, sounds, microphone, recorders, Stefano Golfari (synth, sampler, voice, trumpet, effects), Bruno Tentori (drum, metal & wood percussions, effects), Stefania Cattaneo (voice), friends, people, country, city, love, hate, spirit, matter, heart, brain, freedom, discipline.

Numbered edition.
Words available in a separate booklet.