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All Broke Down Cant Be Fixed

Artist: Patronized Humoplasms

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Xkurzhen Sound XK39
Format: Tape
  Humoplasmic Reticulum
A1 Prelude  
A2 I Think I'm Awake  
A3 Glued T'Screen  
A4 Schizo-African-Country-Jazz  
A5 Explicade (TV Intox)  
A6 If Life Were Simple  
A7 One Year Later  
A8 I'm Livin' To Death  
A9 Postlude  
  In The Vortex
B1 The Loud Guy  
B2 The Show Is Over  
B3 Shut-up  
B4a Arkais  
B4b In It  
B4c World History  
B4d Plasm Cortex  
B4e In It (Reprise)  
B5 Cast To Vinegar Socks  
B6 Confessions Of Reality (From A One-Sided Coin)  
B7 Serene Nature Sounds  
Companies, etc.
  • Copyright (c) – Patronized Humoplasms
  • Bass – Robert Mazza
  • Bass, Keyboards [Kybds] – Randy Venturini
  • Compiled By – Steve Matejko, Thomas Dimuzio
  • Design [Cover Design], Layout – Thomas Dimuzio
  • Drums – C. J. Cooper
  • Guitar – Dave Mazza, Jeff Venturini
  • Guitar, Drums – Steve Matejko
  • Keyboards [Kybds], Guitar – Thomas Dimuzio
  • Producer, Engineer – Thomas Dimuzio
  • Voice – Jim Spence
Material compiled from recordings dating 2/19/85 to 12/28/86.

"This tape preserves select moments of the Plasm's Vortex Travels harnessed from live cassette recordings of freely improvised musics; enhanced through the means of multitracking, digital sampling and stereo effects processing -- although many cuts still remain in their original form."

The basic cover insert does not list a label name nor catalog number. The label name and address is stamped on the back of the cover page (possibly not on all copies of this). The cassette has hand-written stickers with band and title and catalog number (again, possibly not on all copies of this).