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Loubi Stem

Artist: Ken Moore

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Anvil Creations AC08,
Format: Tape
  Loubi Stem (20:40)
A.a Any Sense At All 7:30
A.b Recessive Regression 13:10
B Invasion Of Continuum 21:00
Companies, etc.
Technically, it is the third in a series of Electronic Music, with Tempus Fugit being the first, and To Come Into Being the second. It was a 46 min. tape with each side coming in at just under 22 minutes. The first side was divided into two parts: Loubi Stem Part 1 (Any Sense At All) and Part 2 (Recessive Regression). The second side is one continuous piece. All titles realized on magnetic tape at Anvil Creations Studio (1980-1981). Synthesizer [Minimoog, Arp Odessey], Recorder [Wooden], Effects [Echoplex], Mellotron, Piano, Sounds [Modified Trafic] Ken Moore: Moog synthesizer via extensive use of an analog tape Echoplex machine, the pedals from a spinet piano, recorded environmental traffic sounds from outside the studio and ARP synthesizer sample-and-hold, and a mellotron from the EM studio at U.M.B.C.
  • Copyright (c) – Ken Moore (4)
  • Recorded At – Anvil Creations Studio
  • Synthesizer [Minimoog Synthesizer, Arp Odessey Synthesizer], Recorder [Wooden Recorder C], Effects [Echo-plex], Mellotron, Piano [Acoustic Piano], Sounds [Modified Trafic] – Ken Moore (4)
© 1981 Ken Moore
All music realized on magnetic tape (1980-1981) at Anvil Creations Studio.

Branded cassette (usually Maxell) hand labelled, comes in a standard cassette case. Covers are photocopies. Track inserts are individually hand written by Ken Moore and vary (some include more info than others, some with track durations, some not) hence no two copies are exactly the same.