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At The 4th St. Cage 1/83

Artist: John Bender

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 This Is A Sound Collection  
A2 Presented For Sale At A  
A3 Money Making Function  
A4 Cincinnati Artists Group Effort  
A5 Grass Roots Artist's Group  
A6 That Still Exists To This Day  
A7 Allowing Me To Put My  
A8 Music Out To The Public Without  
A9 Judgement Or Evaluation  
A10 As Workable An Enviroment  
A11 As One Could Hope For  
A12 I Was Very Fortunate  
A13 I Was Very Grateful  
B1 At The 4th St. Cage Continued  
B2 Followed By A  
B3 Johnny Vortex Trailer Tape  
B4 We Used At Performances  
B5 Where Access To  
B6 The Performance Space Required  
B7 Use Of An Elevator We Stuck This  
B8 Endless Tape In A Boom Box  
B9 Placed It On Top Of The Elevator  
B10 So Customers Would Become  
B11 Auditority Prepped For What Was  
B12 About To Happen  
B13 It Was Alot Of Fun To Do These  
B14 Except For The Cincinnati  
B15 Performance, We Had To Set Up  
B16 Our Performance In Unfamiliar  
B17 Spaces And Situations  
B18 We Had To Be Flexible  
Private Release by John Bender