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Music from hell

Artist: Nervous Gender

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Subterranean Records, UB 21
Format: Vinyl Lp


  Martyr Complex
A1 Monsters  
A2 Nothing To Hide  
A3 Cardinal Newman  
A4 Fat Cow  
A5 Alien Point Of View  
A6 People Like You  
A7 Regress For You  
  Beelzebub Youth
B1 Christian Lovers  
B2 Exorcism  
B3 Bathroom Sluts  
B4 Pie On A Ledge  
B5 Push, Push, Push  
B6 Alice's Song  

Companies, etc.



Tracks B1 to B5 performed live in Traetion Gallerie May 30 1981.

The entire contents of this album were recorded on a Toshiba RT-8200a portable cassette recorder and a Sankyo STD-1700 cassette deck. Our most outrageous thanks to Mr Mike Fox for his fidelity recouperation tactics. This album was recorded and mixed in a span of 36 hours (mistakes and all).

spine gives the catalog number as SUB 21, labels give it as SUB 666

the band's web site points out that Beelzebub Youth is often mistakenly identified as a separate band, but was really only the name of the tracks on the second side

includes three inserts: red and black on white lyric insert with technical details, black on grey card advertising a lyric supplement to the LP, and double-sided black on white Subterranean Records catalog

2,515 pressed.