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Foutre En L'Air Perpendicular Types Of Motion

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: Canada
Label: CKUT
Catalog No: CKUT; No 3
Format: Tape


A1 Babouche Folles Lech El Klouf 0:40
A2 The PoMoCoMo* Becoming Nobody 3:20
A3 !Bang Elektronika Stceffetra 1:41
A4 Chainsaw (30) 23B Squatt 2:15
A5 The Caboose Of Fear Solar Winds 3:11
A6 Sil.Af.In Subversive 'Bout Love 0:53
A7 Black Citron Je Suis Descendue De Ma Planède 2:44
A8 Roughage (2) The Explosive Power 3:42
A9 Red & Boudha Souls Are Going To Hell 3:44
A10 Crime 'O' Nautix A Night On The Beach 1:42
B1 Bob and the Oink Untitled 1:18
B2 Flag Air Base Radio Managua 3:30
B3 Sylvain ''Dem Stink'' Côté Et Sylvain Côté Et Nous Pasions La Balayeuse Ensemble 3:43
B4 Hakim Bey Amour Fou 2:48
B5 Idle Reels Moroccan Reels 4:03
B6 Sue Ann Harkey, Andy Stochansky, David Life Trident of Shiva 6:08 6:02
B7 Cancerous Growth (2) May I Take Your Order, Sir? 8:52
B8 Jean-François Lyotard Untitle 0:16