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Angel Chrome

Artist: In the Nursery

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Devils Dandy Dogs DDD t05
Format: Tape
A1 Iskra  
A2 Sentient  
A3 Deus Ex Machina  
A4 Lost Prayer  
A5 And Your Eyes  
A6 Executions Romance  
B1 Fabricata  
B2 Iskra  
B3 Witness(To A Scream)  
B4 A To I  
B5 Breach Birth  
B6 Illuminata  
B7 To The Faithful  
B8 And Your Eyes  
B9 Deus Ex Machina  
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • Licensed To – Serv23 – ddd - t05
Notes Side A: Tracks 1 & 2 are from "From Torture To Conscience" compilation LP
Tracks 3 - 5 are from In The Nursery "Sonority" EP
Track 6 is from In The Nursery "When Cherished Dreams Come True" MiniAlbum

Side B is: Live At The "Melkweg" Amsterdam - Feb 1985

Info - 25 Montgomery Road, Netheredge
Sheffield S7 1LN, England

devils dandy dogs c/o Colombier
Marienburgerstr. 17 5300 Bonn 1