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My Mind Is Killing Me

Artist: Illusion Of Safety

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Complacency, CPC, 09
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Jet Head  
A2 Beauty Of Decay  
A3 Collapse  
A4 Americas Favorite Pastime  
A5 To His Purpose  
A6 You Think You Know  
A7 What Name Do You Call Him  
A8 Movement Twenty Third  
A9 Toneline  
A10 Not Tell Us All  
A11 Toneline  
A12 Ill Have You Committed  
A13 You Need Help  
B1 Music Without A Film  
B2 Fumble  
B3 Aggress  
B4 Like Everybody Else  
B5 300 Gallon Loop  
B6 If You Don't Do What I Want  
B7 Extreme State Of Fear  
B8 Underlying False Assumption  
B9 So You Think About It  
B10 Convulsive Sexual Spasm  
B11 Violent Agressive Action  
B12 Whos In Charge  
B13 Request Palm  
  • Performer – Dan Burke (tracks: All Tracks), Jay Closser (tracks: B5, B11), Mitch Enderle (tracks: A5, A6, B6, B8, B12)
  • Voice – Elaine Rangel (tracks: B3)
Recorded On Tour Track Cassette From July Of 85 To March Of 86
A7 Is All Voices
Other Sound Sources: Synth Guitar Tape Casio Trumpet, Bass, Metal Effects Edges Bow Plastic Movie Camera, 300 Gallon Drum Samples, Tape Machine, Drum Rythm, Stringed Objects, Paper Voice, Waterphone, Music Concret, Film recordings