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New Positions

Artist: Voidkampf

Year: 1984
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
Face A
1. Loopy But Chic
2. Politician Trying To Express His Opinion
3. One Day In Oulan-Bathor
4. Congo Zebou
5. Seconde Version
6. Zarathoustra Hat Etwas Neues Gesagt
7. Borotchnikovna
8. La Cantatrice Chauve
9. I Left My Heart In Jerusalem

Face B
1. IG Metall
2. Suite 1
3. Suite 2
4. Die Unendliche Geschichte
5. From Moscow To Oulan-Bathor
6. For Whom The Bell Tolls
7. Lost In Nairobi
8. Delire 1
9. Delire 2
10. Vive La Chanson Francaise
11. Modula

Recorded in Autumn and Winter 1984.
Voidkampf is a Swiss group led by Christophe Wilhelm. These 20 tracks make me think of what would happen if The Residents and Karlheinz Stockhausen were to record together. Synthesizers, rhythm units and extensive use of percussion. Clanging metallic structures combine with electronic flourishes and blasts in short, terse, disjointed compositions.
- May 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Service Catalogue