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Via Lactea

Gender: Male
Via Lactea is an electronic duo composed of Carlos Alvarado Perea, an artist from Mexico City, who plays Crumar Orchestron, Korg Micro preset, Korg MS -20, flute, voice and devices and Miguel Angel Nava on ARP Odyssey, ARP AXXE and devices. Via Lactea: The pioneers of Mexican space music, originally a duo consisting of Carlos Alvarado and Miguel Angel Nava. After their initial cassette for EU ROCK, Miguel left and formed his own band Trombatro who have done a few live concerts but thus far no recording. Carlos Alvarado has continued Via Lactea as a solo project, producing 3 more cassettes, as well he’s now completing his first solo LP. His cassettes were full of striking celestial synthesizer sound, but lacked high quality recording technology. For Carlos, the LP will be the proof of his unique ability. The spirit of Rock In Opposition is spreading. The latest kindred soul to join the ranks is Via Lactea They have done a tape and are in the process of preparing it for distribution. If all goes as planned it will be available at the time of the next EU ROCK. (Milky Way)—from Mexico City. They made their debut on Oct. 8. 1979 at the 2nd in a series of concerts billed as “Una Alternativa Para Los Lunes” that were held every Monday during Oct. As the name implies their hearts lie in the outer regions as does their sound which Is a swirling mixture of electronics, winds and effectual voice. The result is a timeless, floating wave of sound - tranquil and almost meditative.