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Aquarium Rave Up

Artist: Dave Fuglewicz

Year: 1999
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Information from the album page at the Internet Archive:
Aquarium Rave Up, was released in March of 1999 on cassette and was my fourteenth release. Aquarium Rave Up consisted of material recorded during most of the previous year. My equipment at this time: ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, ARP Sequencer, modified Casio keyboard, Digitech 7.6 Delay, several effects "stomp" boxes, some home made synthesizer modules, including a bare-bones PAiA Shepard Function Generator parts kit. This release covered a large variety of types of compositions from noise constructs to ambient mellow and back again. It is one of my favorites.
All tracks recorded to my trusty four track Vesta-Fire MR-10B cassette deck.