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Gender: Male
Description: Full name MOLTEN SALT BREEDER REACTOR, it was a solo recording project by Ko?ji TANO (1961-2005), a Japanese manga comic book artist and one of the most prolific and highly regarded art noise composers. TANO also performed on stage, but under the MAGMAX moniker. Having debuted in 1992, he went on to gain considerable acclaim for his noise industrial works, featuring dynamic shifts in accentuation of sound modification and varied arrangements relying on unpredictable narration of contrasting reverbs and feedback. The tools he used were limited to a set of analogue and electronic instruments, devices or field recordings he modified with self-modified multi-effect units. Thematically, his works revolved around eschatology and the fatal effect of civilisation’s progress on the natural environment and mankind, leading to self-destructive behaviour and irreversible mental illnesses among humans. From 1992 on he also ran the MSBR RECORDS label, along with its sub-divisions FLENIX and DENSHI ZATSUON (the latter was also the title of the independent experimental music magazine he edited and released). He died of cancer in 2005. Selected discography: Ultimate Ambience (MSBR Records 1992) LP Structured Suicide (MSBR Records 1993) tape collaboration with SPECULUM FIGHT (P-Tapes 1994) LP