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Sanitized for your protection

Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Entertainment Tapes ?– BU-4U#2
Format: Tape
 A1 –R.A.F. Punk Che Fare?
A2 –R.A.F. Punk T.U.T.
A3 –Too Many Zombies Saigon, Queens
A4 –Too Many Zombies Old
A5 –Indirekt Wie Baslist
A6 –Indirekt Multinationals
A7 –Indirekt Recht En Orde
A8 –Hagar The Womb One Bright Spark
A9 –Hagar The Womb Dressed To Kill
A10 –Hagar The Womb A Song Of Deep Hate
A11 –Iconoclast,The* Domination & Destruction
A12 –Iconoclast,The* After The Massacre
A13 –Iconoclast,The* Prisoners Of Existence
A14 –Decadent Few Token Instrumental
A15 –Decadent Few Food For Thought
A16 –Decadent Few Happy Families
A17 –Scott (30) Poem
B1 –Anarka & Poppy If It Dies, We Die
B2 –Anarka & Poppy Blind Acceptance
B3 –Anarka & Poppy Nightmare
B4 –Hit Parade Just Move
B5 –Hit Parade Authority Has No Tears
B6 –Hit Parade Cabbage & Kings
B7 –No Defences Don't Listen
B8 –No Defences Willing Cripples
B9 –No Defences There's No Way Out
B10 –Sleeping Dogs From Where Does The Pain Comes?
B11 –Jeff Mortal (2) The Relativity Of Baseball
B12 –Jeff Mortal (2) Song #2
B13 –Jeff Mortal (2) Song #3