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The Live Mole Show

Artist: Residents

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Ralph Records, Mole Show 001
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Voices Of The Air  
A2 The Secret Seed  
A3 Introduction  
A4 Won't You Keep Us Working?  
A5 First Warning  
A6 Back To Normality?  
A7 The Sky Falls!  
A8 Narration  
A9 God Of Darkness  
A10 More Narration  
A11 March To The Sea  
A12 The Observer  
A13 Hole Workers' New Hymn  
B1 Rumors  
B2 Arrival  
B3 Deployment  
B4 Saturation  
B5 Still More Narration  
B6 Idea  
B7 Construction  
B8 Ugly Rumors  
B9 Failure / Reconstruction  
B10 Success  
B11 Upset Narration  
B12 Call Of The Wild  
B13 Driving The Moles Away  
B14 Don't Tread On Me  
B15 The Short War  
B16 Frantic Narration  
B17 Resident Speech  
B18 Satisfaction  
B19 Happy Home  

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This is the second pressing of this recording which was termed the 'official' version, following the limited release of the first pressing which the Cryptic Corporation claimed was a bootleg (the 'unofficial' version). This was done as a media hype to garner interest in the recording prior to release to make people think there was demand for the recording from sources other than the Cryptic Corporation themselves, which made the public believe that the LP was obviously highly desirable and definitely worthy of release.

This second pressing features covert art printed direct onto card rather than the printed paper cover glued onto the card sleeve of the first pressing. The cardboard is white.

Below is some (mis-) information from the book "The Cryptic Guide To THE RESIDENTS", 1986

This album is an "unofficial" condensation of two Mole Show concerts given by The Residents at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles in October of 1983. The "bootleg" record has no label or catalog number - it was bootleged by an "inside source" at the shows, whose efforts were later discovered, but were not discouraged.
Ralph Records was later financially compensated, after discovering that the resulting album was being manufactured and sold.
The sound quality of the record is quite good, considering that the recording was made from a cassette tape of the two concerts. The front cover was taken from the European MOLE SHOW program; the back cover is a picture of a piece of the burlap screen which was used in all of the concerts.

1800 copies of THE LIVE MOLE SHOW were produced in total secrecy, and were sold by mail and through word of mouth. Later that year, Ralph Records came into possession of the master tapes, and manufactured the same recording as a picture disc, in a limited edition of 1500 copies.
Other bootleg recordings have been made of the MOLE SHOW concerts. One of the more notable is the THE THIRD SECRET OF FATIMA, a self-proclaimed edition of 346 copies (quite suspect), which was recorded and manufactured in Italy. The overall sound quality of this release is quite poor, even for a bootleg album.