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Nitzer Ebb

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: A leading representative of the EBM genre, intermittently operating since 1982. It was started by Bon HARRIS (b. 1965), Douglas McCARTHY (b. 1966), and David GOODAY, who quit in 1987 to be replaced successively by Duc NHAN NGUYEN, Julian BEESTON, and since 1992 on an irregular basis by Jason PAYNE. Their works were inspired by KRAFTWERK, D.A.F, the intense and raw sound of punk rock, pre-war avant-garde art, and totalitarian symbols and imagery. The fascinations were also evinced in their outfits and artwork of the releases and promotional material made by Simon GRAINGER, a graphic designer and an unofficial member of the group. Formally uncomplicated and devoid of melody lines, their music relied primarily on noisy rhythms, and spoken or shouted vocals. The instru- mentation included analogue and modular synthesizers, samplers, and a traditional drum kit. In 1995 the group was disbanded, but reactivated 12 years later. Selected discography: Basic Pain Procedure (Pylon Records 1983) LP That Total Age (Geffen Records 1987) CD Belief (Geffen Records 1988) CD