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U SchnelluThe Return Of The MudaMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 203Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
U. WamsiedlerHand und FußDiskret Label, DL 07Diskret Label1982GermanyTape
U.E.D.L. and Spiel 77Hier Sind Die...noneNot on Label (self-released)1985GermanyTape
U.H.P. (Unios Hermanos Proletarios!)Abajo el Muro1F007Fusion D.E. Producciones1987SpainTape
U.P.M.samePrion Tapes, PR 18Prion1988GermanyTape
U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble, Noise in the LibraryRutdog Records,Rutdog Records0Tape
Ubaldo GiacomucciInfangiblenoneNot on Label (self-released)1983ItalyTape
Ubaldo GiacomucciNow PlayingTracksound 1Not on Label (self-released)1983ItalyTape
UFUK und FreundeUnd Dennoch tanzen wirStechapfel1983Tape
Ugly BluzLocal HeroCalypso NowCalypso Now1987SwitzerlandTape
Ugly People (Klaus Kuhn / Adolf)Demo Cassette0GermanyTape
UI2-Sided EPAy Nako MusicAy Nako Music1993United KingdomTape
Ui-26Himmel Auf ErdenHirsch Records 009Hirsch Records1981GermanyTape
Ui-26Live In Der KulturwerkstattHirsch Records 024Hirsch Records1982GermanyTape
Ui-26Schon Gelesen?Hirsch Records 013Hirsch Records1981GermanyTape
UK SubsDown amongst the Deadman VIJUNGLE VISUAL DISPLAY, GB ,Jungle Vision Display0United KingdomVideo
UK SubsLeft For Dead - Alive In Holland '86ROIR (Reachout International Records), A, 142ROIR (Reachout International Records)1986United StatesTape
UK SubsLive 11.3.1981Fight Back ProductionFight Back Production1981GermanyTape
UK SubsLive at Retford Porterhouse VIJETTISOUNDZ, GB , 15 TRACKS LIVE, 45 MINS PAL VHSJettisoundz0United KingdomVideo
UK SubsŽivi V LjubljaniFV Založba zk-fv 7FV Založba1987Tape
Ulf KnudsenIstanbulLikvidér, LIKV 4016Likvidér1984NorwayTape
Uli BeckerHier rein da rausEdition S Press, TONBAND No. SP 2007Edition S Press, S Press Tonbandverlag1981GermanyTape
Uli KutscheraRomantische Suite0Tape
Uli TreptePhenotypeUnited Dairies, UDT029United Dairies1987United KingdomTape
Ulises CarrionThe Poet's Tongue Guy Schraenen Éditeur, GSCH 011Guy Schraenen Éditeur1977NetherlandsTape
Ulises CarrionThe Poet's TongueAlga Marghen, plana-C 24VocSona0860Italy Vinyl Lp
Ulises CarrionuntitledPart of APROPOS Tape Exhibition 1978Not on Label (self-released)1978NetherlandsTape
Ulli McCarthyTrunk Calls / T ChestBalsam Flex 17Balsam Flex1977United KingdomTape
Ulrich BlumeAlien CallingDiscipline Produzioni, DP03Discipline Produzioni1986ItalyTape
Ulrich BlumeBrain PercussionAB 014Aurora Borealis1984NetherlandsTape
Ulrich BlumeGround Your Ears! Vol.5 (Impulsive Music Electronical Created) noneNot on Label (self-released)1984GermanyTape
Ulrich Bogislav30 Min. Sommerzeit Trik Tapes; TT 5 Trik Tapes1984GermanyTape
Ulrich BogislavHurra, Hurra, TitanicnoneNot on Label (self-released)1996GermanyTape
Ulrich EllerPerkussion Zweier RäumeEdition Giannozzo Berlin, noneEdition Giannozzo Berlin1983GermanyTape
Ulrich HopfMicrotrip - MmumM 5noneNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
Ulrike am Nagel / Sperma ComboLive Bollberg 14.05.1988noneNot on Label (self-released)1988GermanyTape
Ulrike RosenbachFrau Frau - Frau SeinPart of APROPOSNot on Label (self-released)1979GermanyTape
Ulterior LuxIn The Middle Of IntersectionsThings FluxThingsflux Music1988United StatesTape
Ulterior LuxLive Bootleg From Switzerlandaudiofile Tapes; aT139audiofile Tapes1991United StatesTape
Ulterior LuxThe Awakening Into HhigaricThings FluxThingsflux Music1988United StatesTape
Ultima Rota CarriOncomelieMHT23Minus Habens Records1993ItalyTape
Ultimate SabotageSame0Tape
Ultime Possibilites/t0Tape
UltraI Can't Stand A Bitchy ChickAquilifer Sodality, 0AE03058Aquilifer Sodality1989ItalyVinyl 7"
UltraLive 1986 (Unofficial)DOM 77, 27DOM1986GermanyTape
UltraYouthful PleasuresDom America, DOM US LP 01 Dom America1987United States Vinyl Lp
Ultra MilkmaidSheila GrippL'A Productions l'A 4 VERY SPECIAL HANDMADE COVER, LIMITED 60L'A Productions0GermanyTape
Ultras Curvos / The LinquentsSplitCompact Cassette EchoCompact Cassette Echo1983ItalyTape
Umbra KadaverUmbra KadaverLikvidér, M001Likvidér1980NorwayTape
Un DépartementJe Serai Clément En Tant Que DictateurUn Département Production, 021 0811981FranceVinyl 7"
Un DépartementUn DépartementUn Département Production 028 101 1981FranceVinyl 12"
Un DépartementUn DépartementIllusion Production, IP 017Illusion Production1984FranceTape
Un Drame Musical Instantané L'Homme À La CaméraGRRR, GRRR 1007 1984France Vinyl Lp
Un Drame Musical InstantanéÀ Travail Égal Salaire ÉgalGRRR ,GRRR 1005 1982France Vinyl Lp
Un Drame Musical InstantanéCarnageGRRR, GRRR 1010 1985France Vinyl Lp
Un Drame Musical InstantanéLes Bons Contes Font Les Bons AmisGRRR, GRRR 1006 1983France Vinyl Lp
Un Drame Musical InstantanéRideau!GRRR, SGR 10041980France Vinyl Lp
Un Nom A Coucher DehorsSans Titre C45Les Nourritures Terrestres, NT 17Les Nourritures Terrestres1987FranceTape
Un-Called ForeBorn Again PaganFront LineFront Line1987United StatesTape
Un-Film6 Song pop CassettenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Un-FilmFear FactorySound of Pig, SOP 191Sound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
Un-FilmFilmographySSS Productions; SSS22 SSS Productions1988United StatesTape
Unanimous AnonymousEntwuerfe Zu Einem Ich ( Unanimous Anonymous Support ) Ache AAP 06Ache1989GermanyTape
Unanimous AnonymousLiegestuetzen In Fremden Zimmern AAP 03-CC Ache1989GermanyTape
UnatobaContest Murnoff (S/Sided, C60ZH27 267ZH271988United StatesTape
Unbekanntletzter StandSOK Productions 007;SOK Productions1982GermanyTape
Uncle Don MillikenArt is for the RichPart of APROPOSNot on Label (self-released)1978United StatesTape
Uncle IanZulu TrumpetLand of Yrx Products, BASL 17Land of Yrx Products1984United KingdomTape
Uncle Ian And The Tooth DecayThe Urban PicnicLand of Yrx Products, BASL 12Land of Yrx Products1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityBlack dwarfBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDRS 1Black Dwarf (W)recordings0United KingdomTape
UncommunityBrutality Of FactBlack Dwarf , bdbg1, Cause For Concern, none Black Dwarf (W)recordings1984United KingdomVinyl 7"
UncommunityDhol ChantsBlack Dwarf Recordings, BDC14Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityDhol ChantsRE, C60Freedom in a Vacuum, VACT.02Freedom In A Vacuum1986CanadaTape
UncommunityDoktrineBlack Dwarf Recordings, BDC1Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityDoktrineFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.07Freedom In A Vacuum1987CanadaTape
UncommunityDunwich HorrorBlack Dwarf (W)recordings, BDC SBlack Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityEx-OblivioneFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.04Freedom In A Vacuum1986CanadaTape
UncommunityEx-Oblivione C60Black Dwarf Recordings, BDC 017Black Dwarf (W)recordings1984United KingdomTape
UncommunityIdBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDW6Black Dwarf (W)recordings0United KingdomTape
UncommunityIn the ShithouseBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDW6Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityLive Bingo / SoundtracksFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.06Freedom In A Vacuum1986CanadaTape
UncommunityLive Bingo/SoundtracksBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDC11Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityMindretchBroken Flag, BF 30Broken Flag1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityOblivioneBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDC17Black Dwarf (W)recordings1984United KingdomTape
UncommunityOverliberated / Live In The ShithouseBlack Dwarf Recordings, BDW6Black Dwarf (W)recordings1984United KingdomTape
UncommunityOverliberated / Live In The ShithouseFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.05Freedom In A Vacuum1986CanadaTape
Uncommunitys/tBlack Dwarf (W)recordingsBlack Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunitySense Of UnmakingFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.03Freedom In A Vacuum1986CanadaTape
UncommunitySense of UnmakingBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDC12Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityThe Prime AdvantageBlack Dwarf Reckordings BDC10Black Dwarf (W)recordings1983United KingdomTape
UncommunityThe Prime AdvantageFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.09Freedom In A Vacuum1987CanadaTape
Uncommunityunreleased Lp Master-ReelnoneNot on Label1984United KingdomReel
Uncommunity and Controlled BleedingAcross The Stagnant Pond C60Broken Flag, BF 46Broken Flag1986United KingdomTape
Under Two FlagsLest We ForgetSituation Two SIT 27T 1983United KingdomVinyl 10"
UndercurrentArchive No.1Not On Label, noneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
UndercurrentIndustrial Si'EncePiranha Produktion, 02Piranha Produktion1987United StatesTape
UndercurrentKelpiPiranha Produktion, 01Piranha Produktion1986United StatesTape
Underdogss/tSOK Productions 005SOK Productions1982GermanyTape
Une Le Wuerg ProductionDie Kunst Ist Vergaenglich Opus Dei, OPUS 22Opus Die Society1986NetherlandsTape