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X Mal DeutschlandFetisch 4AD ?– CAD3020Tape
X Mal DeutschlandFetisch4AD CAD3024AD1983Germany Vinyl Lp
X Mal DeutschlandIncubus SuccubusZickzack, ZZ 110 ZickZack Platten1982GermanyVinyl 12"
X Mal DeutschlandIncubus Succubus IINexus International, K15P-518, Nexus, K15P-518 1985JapanVinyl 12"
X Mal DeutschlandLive Hamburg 1983 John Peel 1984noneNot on Label (self-released)1984GermanyTape
X Mal DeutschlandMatadorXile, XMALDJ 112 1986United KingdomVinyl 12"
X Mal DeutschlandSchwarze Welt Zickzack, ZZ 31 ZickZack Platten1981GermanyVinyl 7"
X Mal DeutschlandSickle MoonXile, XMAL DJ212 1987United KingdomVinyl 12"
X Mal DeutschlandTocsin4AD, 260·07·072, 4AD, CAD 407 4AD1984Germany Vinyl Lp
X Mal DeutschlandVivaXile, XMAL P1, Phonogram, XMAL P1 1987United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
X Mal Deutschland & FrontLive Hamburg 1981BKA TapesBKA Tapes1981GermanyTape
X Ray PopArtless And ChildishMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 171Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
X Ray PopBaby Speedok BonusMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 100Music & Elsewhere1992United KingdomTape
X Ray PopJune 89 RepetitionsMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 027Music & Elsewhere1992United KingdomTape
X Ray PopPink Harpoon For GirlsMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 132Music & Elsewhere1992United KingdomTape
X Ray PopThe Laughing PigMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 195Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
X Ray PopUnder My SkirtMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 028Music & Elsewhere1992United KingdomTape
X Wing Biolet / 360 SoundThe Wood Duck SessionsFDR Tapes #60F.D.R. Tapes0United StatesTape
X Zen TricksAn Awareness Of TimeMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 468Music & Elsewhere1999United KingdomTape
X, Al.Al.XMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 386Music & Elsewhere1997United KingdomTape
X-Ray PopBest of 84-870Tape
X-Ray PopDirty LoveSound of Pig, SOP 148Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
X-Ray PopFrench CabaretSound of Pig, SOP 041Sound of Pig Music1985United StatesTape
X-Ray PopFrom Bocal 5 To X Ray PopSound of Pig SOP 158Sound of Pig Music1984United StatesTape
X-Ray PopHot PopTonspur Tapes, TT 18Tonspur Tapes1988GermanyTape
X-Ray PopNovo BeatnikSSS Productions; SSS 18 SSS Productions0United StatesTape
X-Ray PopPink Harpoon For Girls Harsh Reality Music; HR 103 Harsh Reality Music1989United StatesTape
X-Ray PopPoems From FranceSound of Pig, SOP 040Sound of Pig Music1986United StatesTape
X-Ray PopRepititiousIrre TapesIRRE Tapes0United StatesTape
X-Ray PopSexy Swelter Tragic Figures; TFT006 Tragic Figures1989PortugalTape
X-Ray PopSexy SwelterTragic Figures ?– TF 006 Tragic Figures1989PortugalTape
X-Ray PopTales from the Glabo0Tape
X-Ray PopZazzy MusicViolet Glass Oracle Tapes, VGO 006Violet Glass Oracle Tapes1989United StatesTape
X13Reality LostMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 275Music & Elsewhere1994United KingdomTape
XabecKlänge [M]einer ZeitVerkocht Communications (D), A MUST FOR ELECTRONAUTS, SOUND DESIGNER AND ADDICTS OF REDUCES NOISE STRUCTURES. VERY NICE !Verkocht Communications1998GermanyTape
XalimanCongenial Twist od a Mechanical MoonbeamEnergy DiscsEnergy Discs0CanadaTape
Xaliman And The OrchestrangeIn Sublime HobbyhoodEnergy DiscsEnergy Discs1989CanadaTape
Xao SeffchequeDeutschland Nicht Über AllesRondo, fix 1 1980GermanyVinyl 10"
Xao SeffchequeHappy New WaveZickzack Platten, ZwickZwack 01 ZickZack Platten1981GermanyVinyl 7"
Xao SeffchequeJa - Nein - VielleichtSchallmauer, SCHALL 011 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
Xavier SabaterSabaSanyo-CasioSedicions0SpainTape
Xenakis, Berio, Maderna, KagelOrient-Occident / Momenti - Omaggio A Joyce / Continuo / Transition 1Philips, 836.897 DSY1967France Vinyl Lp
XerosxXerosx FinalZSF Produkt, ZSFM 08ZSF Produkt / ZSF Product1984JapanTape
XisleAural ExplorersSynchronos Music, Synk 707Synkronos Music1989United StatesTape
XisleEternity's EngineSynchronos Music, Synk 505Synkronos Music1989United StatesTape
XisleJourney Into DarknessLights Out Recordings; 12 Lights Out Recordings1988United StatesTape
XisleNexusLights Out Recordings; 05Lights Out Recordings1986United StatesTape
XisleNovinsLights Out Recordings; 11Lights Out Recordings1988United StatesTape
XisleNovins IISynchronos Music, Synk 808Synkronos Music1989United StatesTape
XislePerchance To DreamSynchronos Music, Synk 404Synkronos Music1989United StatesTape
XisleProving Ground Lights Out RecordingsLights Out Recordings1987United StatesTape
XisleThe Independent Space ProgramLights Out Recordings; 10Lights Out Recordings1988United StatesTape-2
XisleThe Invisible People Lights Out Recordings, 007 Lights Out Recordings1986United StatesTape
XisleThe Phantom ZoneLights Out Recordings; 06Lights Out Recordings1986United StatesTape
XisleThe Sound MuseumSynchronos Music, Synk 020Synkronos Music1990United StatesTape-2
XisleThe Space AgeSynchronos Music, Synk 011Synkronos Music1990United StatesTape
XisleWinter's KingLights Out Recordings; 03Lights Out Recordings1985United StatesTape
Xorcist & Non-Aggression PactRepossessed / Non-Aggression PactGeneral Purpose Cassettes 005General Purpose Cassettes1992United StatesTape
Xposed 4HeadsShindig! 10 really BIG songsMe TapesMe Tapes1985United StatesTape
XtronXtron Nos. 1-13Music & Elsewhere; MMATT 27Music & Elsewhere1988United KingdomTape
XTSWBridgeSound Of PigSound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
XTSWRadio OneSound of Pig, SOP 150Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
XTSWTunnelSound of Pig, SOP 221Sound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
XTSWWestFreedom In A Vacuum,VACT.15Freedom In A Vacuum1988CanadaTape
XXUuFunafuti Tapes, T-03Funafuti Tapes1983GermanyTape
XX Century ZorroDanceloraCompact Cassette EchoCompact Cassette Echo1982ItalyTape
XX Century Zorroincisioni phonographiche Echo Demo EchoCompact Cassette EchoCompact Cassette Echo1983ItalyTape
XX Century ZorroLa Cote D'Azur Edition AllemandeCompact Cassette EchoCompact Cassette Echo1983GermanyTape
XX Century ZorrophonsCompact Cassette Echo, noneCompact Cassette Echo1983ItalyTape
XX Century ZorroPromoCompact Cassette EchoCompact Cassette Echo0ItalyTape
XX CommitteeSteel Negro MusicA.R.P.H. Tapes, A T # 001A.R.P.H. Tapes1982United StatesTape
XylNuclear WinterLights Out Recordings; 02Lights Out Recordings1985United StatesTape
XylRunwayLights Out Recordings; 01Lights Out Recordings1985United StatesTape
XylScannerLights Out Recordings; 04Lights Out Recordings1986United StatesTape
XylStar's EndLights Out Recordings; 09Lights Out Recordings1987United StatesTape
XylemDark CorridorsDark Star, DSC 16Dark Star1986United KingdomTape
XylemElephants Pursued By Flying MenDark Star, DSC 07Dark Star1985United KingdomTape
XylemElephants Pursued By Flying Men (Album, C45)Dark Star, DS 212Dark Star1984United KingdomTape
XylemPredatorZC 60.021Syzygy1983United KingdomTape
XylemPredatorDark Star, DS 210Dark Star1984United KingdomTape
XylemRevision ZC 60.017Syzygy1983United KingdomTape
XylemXylem Dark Star; DS 206 Dark Star1984United KingdomTape
XylemXylem ZC 60.013Syzygy1983United KingdomTape
XylemXylem (Album, C60Dark Star, DS 206Dark Star1984United KingdomTape